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Article received on the 13th August Article accepted on the 27th August The clinical diagnosis is based on the development of a pulsating formation at the puncture site, presenting a con­tinuous murmur. Ultrasonographic diagnosis: — pseudoaneurysm appears as a well defined cavity whose content is initially anechogenic Figure 1.

These figures form the natural history against which the decision to treat and when to treat should be balanced. The risk of rebleeding is greater in patients in higher SAH grades, the gain of - surgical - treatment is inversely related to grade.

The shape and dimensions vary from one phlebeurysm meaning to another, with the phlebeurysm meaning of multiple si­mul­­ta­neous pseudoaneurysms.

The initial color Do­ppler examination shows the red-blue filling pha­se, typical for aneurysms Figure 2. The spectral Do­ppler correspondent for this aspect is the low speed dual phase signal Figure 3.

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Most false aneu­r­ysms evolve towards thrombosis, develop­ing echogenic, nonhomogeneous content and loss of its Doppler signal. Figure 1.

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Post-coronarography inguinal pseudoaneurysm. The aspect is of a well-defined formation, with the predominance of anechogenic content. Discreet spontaneous contrast near the posterior wall.

Figure 2. The Doppler color examination shows the bicolor filling, with a clear delimitation between the red and the blue zone. Figure 3. The Doppler signal in the aneurysm is dual phase, with low speeds.

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During the systole the blood flows from the high pressure artery towards the low pressure pseudoaneurysm. During the diastole the pressure is higher in the pseudoaneurysm, whi­ch leads to a large back-flow to the artery Figure 4 and 5.

Figure 4.

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Diagram showing the mechanism generating the Doppler signal from the pseudoaneurysm supply path. Figure 5.

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