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We take the following very seriously. If you or someone with you becomes unwell on the day of appointment, please ring us from home and we will let you know what to do.

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Some patients may be directed to a local respiratory clinic where they can perform physical examinations, provide treatment and prescribe if necessary. Our aim is to keep our practice free from infection for you and your family as well as visiting patients and staff. Telehealth is suitable for simple appointment reasons, more complex issues like medical, insurance or WorkCover services should be booked through Reception as some appointments need a double appointment.

Check with Reception if you are unsure as the practice may invoice you for lost GP time you if you book inappropriately.

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Do read our door signs as entry conditions often change. We are here to help you but patients deliberately attending when unwell is taken very seriously.

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It venous insufficiency exercises pdf patients and staff at risk of infection. A sick doctor means a covid test, time off work and many patients having their appointment cancelled. Social distancing is important so please attend alone or with as few people as possible.

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If seating is full you can wait outside but let Reception know so they can tell your doctor. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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